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V-Cool Group Thailand

Promote Brand & Product Awareness of their latest VK10 car film in Thailand.

Requirement from Client

Our Tactic

Selling point

Creative Campaign

  • Before deciding what platform is perfect for the target audience, we did a research and analyze about VKOOL such as their selling point of the brand, SWOT analysis, Market Trend study, as well as spending behavior of their online target audience before making a marketing strategy.

  • We create Value through Creative Ads by analyzing the target audience from “Audience Insight” to reach the right target group by using Core Audiences, Lookalike etc.

  • Using special techniques to achieve the highest Quality Score, resulting in lower cost per clicks on ads and also leading websites to reach a good ranked in Google as well as generate registered lead though Organic Traffic without any charges.
CPR 40%(+)
Reduced cost per result (budget per result)
There is an increase in searches for VK10, which has never been searched on Google.
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