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Our Trusted Clients

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Ezerra aimed to expand our sales channel and increase brand awareness through an online channel. NIPA used facebook ads, google ads, google shopping and content marketing from NIPA agency. After using service from NIPA, we gained more customers and satisfactory results. In the future, we will definitely continue to use services from the NIPA agency.


Zuellig Pharma co., Ltd.

Our purpose of using the service from Nipa is to promote and attract people to attend the event through Facebook, Google Search, Google Display Network. After using NIPA's service, the result was very successful and we are very pleased with NIPA team as NIPA team has always served us with clear, well-organised, fast and detailed work within the agreed timeline. With the follow-up and the optimisation report by NIPA’s team, our campaign has achieved the best result as always.

World Fair

World Fair Co. Ltd

Our objective was to build up our brand through online channels and increase sales. So, we used Youtube and Facebook online marketing service from Nipa. The work and services provided by Nipa were going as planned. The specialist from Nipa was always keeping up with plan and result. The result was beyond expectation as the sales exceed the target (KPI) that we had set for Nipa. We are very happy with the result and certainly continue to use the online service from Nipa.

Tra Maekrua

Tra Maekrua Co., Ltd

Laem Charoen Seafood decide to create an official website with Nipa, for menu, location and reservation function. The website needs to be easy to use for customers. The result was really successful and the design was on point with the functional system. We'r pleasure to be apart of Laem Charoen Seafood project.

Laem Charoen Seafood

Laem Charoen Seafood Co. Ltd.

The objective of doing online marketing with NIPA is to acknowledge our customers that Ran Jae Leng store is still open and we also plan to increase the number of store visit. We choose Facebook as our tools of communication. The specialist from NIPA can give a clear explanation and answer to all of our questions. Since we started using the service from Nipa, we are very happy with the result. We have gained more than 100K Conversion and Engagement rate per post which was very satisfactory. We love working with Nipa and we will definitely continue to use online service with Nipa.

Jae Leng

A&J Beauty Products co. ltd

As V.A.K has always wished to increase our brand awareness through online channel and expand our distribution to the online channel, we decided to cooperate with NIPA to be in charge of every online marking of us. After the cooperation, our sales have arose significantly and our brand awareness has also spreaded in wide areas.


V.A.K Group (Asia) Co. Ltd

Our purpose of using the services from NIPA agency is to build up our brand and increase brand awareness on online channels involves branding, website design, facebook ads, SEO, SEM and content marketing. The result was very successful and beyond the KPI. The team always serves us well-organized and follows up the result. We will definitely continue to use service from the NIPA agency in the future.

Siam Industrial

Siam industrial complete co., Ltd