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Beauty & Cosmetic

Beauty & Cosmetic

Increase customers in beauty and cosmetics industry with retargeting and influencer marketing in order to create awareness and boost sales.

Nowadays there are a lots of online beauty product distributors in the market. As a result of such, the competition in online market has significantly increased.

Our Way

01 Influencer Marketing

Influencer takes place in order to create reliability towards brand and product as well as drive the audience to try the product and eventually make purchases decision.

Who should be your influencer? 

First of all, the influencer should be someone who associated with the brand or have a relationship and connection with the brand in any way. Secondly, influencer should have an interactable follower not less than 5% of the Engagement Rate.

02 Retargeting

We will target and serve ads to audience that we have previously collected their data or information to make sure that those target groups see the ad again. Retargeting is suitable for tracking or encouraging the target group who have previously visited the website or have seen ads to generate certain actions, such as, pressing purchase button, etc.

Our Success


“We approached NIPA for Google Ads service with the aim of saving the advertising cost. The service from Nipa was very efficient. Google Ads service from Nipa helped us to raise brand recognition and acknowledge our customers of our available branches which leads us to increase sales volume and brand awareness”