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Event business

"Publicise and search for target groups through online channel to increase the opportunity to participate in the event with the right solution”

"Communicating via billboards or offline channels alone may not be enough. Therefore, online channel is another way to find the right customers for the business event. "


Building brand awareness about events via online channel 

Using online channels as a tool to distribute news about events for public relations in order to raise awareness and encourage people to participate in the event.


Search for a specific target group in each event

Drive registration for events by using advertisements as a tool to search for target groups that are interested in the event, such as pre-registration for special privileges, etc. In addition, the strategy is used to remarketing to stimulate the target group again a few days before the actual date of the event. 

Our Success

World Fair

World Fair aims to promote and attract people to attend the event through Facebook, Google Search, Google Display Network. After using NIPA's service, the result was very successful and we are very pleased with NIPA team as NIPA team has always served us with clear, well-organised, fast and detailed work within the agreed timeline. With the follow-up and the optimisation report by NIPA’s team, our campaign has achieved the best result as always.