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Reach quality target groups to increase the chances of generating sales With solutions that create results and value for the fashion industry

An online world that continuously evolve result in a rapid changes in consumer behavior. How do we access the trends and behaviors of these people in order to make advertising as accessible to consumers as possible?

Our Way

Fashion Image 1


Finding the prospect by focusing on target customers who has interest in fashion. 

Research to find keywords related to fashion trends in order to understand the behavior of fashion consumers which can be used to create an “Audience Target” for advertising.


Choose a campaign that meets the objectives.

Plan and analyze advertising campaign that meet the needs of customers such as Brand Awareness. How to make the brand known. Or create sales Which platform to choose That can reach the most targeted audience.

Fashion Image 2

Our Success


MANGO MOJITO is a leader in leather shoes business that has been in the fashion industry for a long time.

"After reading the review, we see the potentiality in Nipa. So, we decided to approach Nipa with the help on managing ads on Instagram. It was a pleasant working with Nipa; after using Nipa service, there was a significant increase in followers along with the soared number in sales”