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Supplementary Food

Creating new understanding for supplementary food consumers with reliable information in order to reach the target audience in the online platform

Nowadays, the competition on supplementary product in online market is very complicated and difficult due to its customer tend to lose their confidence in product as the number of online supplementary product distributors has significantly increased during the past few years making the advertising policy has become very tight.

Our Way


Building trust on your products with reliability

by using the group of people who have influence on the decision making of the target group in order to connect the relationship between the brand and the customer and allow consumers to feel the quality of the actual product which will help boost confidence and stimulate demand


Increase sales with strategies to reach target groups

The in-depth understanding of supplementary product on consumer behavior will be used to create new insights and good images about the brand which will lead to conversion in order to drive sales.

Our Success

Healthyway Royal Jelly

The aim of Healthyway Royal Jelly is to increase the number of Add Friends.

In Line Official Account 14,000 Add Friends / per month with the help of Nipa Healthyway Royal Jelly can increase the number 23,097 Add Friends within 1 month

Add Friends +

Increase from KPI 70%