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Content Marketing

Building relationships between your brand and your current customers and prospects with the quality contents and beneficial

"Why content marketing is important? Beneficial and valuable contents that is useful for customers will attract both current customers and prospects which is not much different from advertising and up to 50% decreasing your cost."

is here


of audiences makes purchasing decision by the brand contents


of audiences believes that contents help in building credibility


of detailing contents get a better result that short contents

How to achieve your goals

Content Marketing Image 1

Content Strategy

defining the objective clearly for each content in order to achieve that objective

Content Marketing Image 2

Buyer Persona

understanding your target audiences to create suitable contents for them

Content Marketing Image 3

Creative Step

creating following these steps- recognized, memorable, and beneficial contents for you brand

How to present an article

  • Awareness

    the beginning phase is to create visibility or brand recognition. The contents should be pointed out what are the problems that your prospects facing.

  • Evaluation

    this phase follows awareness phase in order to convert leads to sales conversion with more intense in contents to answer some questions for example comparing to similar product

  • Conversion

    this phase is to stimulate and convince customers alongside with making them feel confident in a purchase and make an actions e.g. ordering, registering. The contents for this phase are testimonials or success cases

Content Design Package
Plan content strategies to build brand awareness and increase sales.
SME Package
1 month
25,000 baht
6 Single photos
2 Photo albums
1 Slideshow video
1 Ad photo
Create caption 10 posts
Creating content pillars
Summary report
Get Quoatation
Premium Package
4 months
75,000 baht
25 Single photos
7 Photo albums
3 Slideshow videos
4 Ad photo
Motion graphic 1 clip
Create caption 40 posts
Design content pillars
Summary reports
Get Quoatation

Content Marketing Compare Package

Service Price/Time


Single photo

Photo albums

Video slideshow

Ad photo

Create caption

Motion graphic

Content pillar & report

25,000 Baht

1 Month

6 Pics

2 Albums

1 Clip

1 Pics

10 Posts


75,000 Baht

4 Months

25 Pics

7 Albums

3 Clips

4 Pics

40 Posts

1 Clip