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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing potential traffic to make your website be on the top search Search Engine Marketing with beyond doing Search Engine Marketing strategy

is here


of customers tends to skip paid ads when appearing on google page.


of experts says organic search is important.

What is the different from SEM?

Doing SEO helps your website to be on first page ranking on google when searching with that keywords without ads fee but SEM does

SEO Theory


is to make your website being on first page ranking by

  1. Creating a complete website structure in order to give convenience to Search Engine Bot in collecting data.
  2. Website Contents Search Engine will detect the relation of contents and the searcher’s keywords so, the amount of that keywords is needed to be increased in that content.


is to build credibility for your website using  Backlink which makes google grade you as a good and credible website and eventually your website will be on first page ranking.

How to achieve your goals

SEO Image 1

1. Business & Website Analysis 

analyzing your business and website for get the suitable keywords for your business at that time in order to increase website quality.

SEO Image 2

2. Standard Design

modifying website structure to meet standard of search engine in order to be in a good rank.

SEO Image 3

3. Optional Article

creating content on Onpage if you do not have website in order to increase website traffic by potential prospects.

SEO Image 4

4. Quality Traffic

building credibility by adding link from other related website for increasing potential traffic.

SEO Packages

plan your website to be on the first page of Google Search.

SEO Top-Rank
SEO Micro-Package
Keyword Low
Start at
9,000 Baht
Start 1 Keyword
On-page Audit
Off-page Audit
Technical Audit
Minimum period of 3 months
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Keyword Middle
Start at
50,000 Baht
Start 1 Keyword
On-page Audit
Off-page Audit
Technical Audit
Minimum period of 8 months
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Keyword High
Start at
200,000 Baht
Start 1 Keyword
On-page Audit
Off-page Audit
Technical Audit
Minimum period of 12 months
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SEO Audit
Start at
1,999 Baht
Evaluate On-page / Off-page / Technical Part
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Suggestion
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SEO Landing Page
Start at
5,000 Baht
Create Landing Page
1 Keyword
Get Quoatation
SEO Page Load Speed
Start at
10,000 Baht
Increase SEO Performance
Increase Website Loading Speed
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SEO Content Marketing
Start at
15,000 Baht
1 Content
2 Pics
Boost 3% traffic guarantee within 3 months
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