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TikTok Advertising

Increasing brand awareness and reach Through platform that can do mass communication effectively.

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52 mins/day

Time spending on TikTok

90% of users

Are on TikTok over 1 time/day

1 billion/day

Number of video views

Make it happen


Strategic Planning

analysing and defining target audience to create ads strategy.


Creative Ads

designing ads pattern to meet business needs and reach the target audience.


KPI & Report 

defining key performance indicators of ads result with 24/7 accessibility reports.

How to utilize TikTok for your marketing

Duets & Effects
If you upload video on TikTok with feature duets, other users can make a duet with your TikTok videos.

Creating & Reusing Sound
Creating your own songs on TikTok and let other users use it repeatedly and to have earworm and become a viral.

Hashtag Challenge
Reaching audience more with popular hashtag on TikTok. The campaign that use the right hashtag at the right time will be able to reach more target audience.

Official Advertising
Advertising on TikTok can promote video on Feed or using hashtag. Moreover, designing brand effects and promote the effects for users to create contents.

TikTok Ads Brand Solution Packages

In-Feed Video

Ads that displays on target audience New Feeds which the video can not longer than 60 seconds, or shorter than 1 minute.

Hashtag Challenge

Ads will display in hashtag format on discovery page which users can join existing hashtag challenge and make it go viral.

Brand Takeover

Ads will appear before the user generated video appears.

Brand Effect

Creating effects and stickers of your brand with brand identity behind for content creators.

Top View

Ads showing on top page that can increase reach traffic and consideration and also can get a lot of views and impressions per day.

Get Start Your Plan

TikTok advertising Packages

Plan strategies for advertising to have the best results.

Advertising cost per month

15,000 – 36,000 Baht 

36,001 – 60,000 Baht 

Over 60,000 Baht

Management Fee

1 Month

4,500 Baht 

6,900 Baht

10-15% of Advertising cost 

3 Months

12,600 Baht
(Avg 4,200 Baht/Month)

18,000 Baht
(Avg 6,000 Baht/Month)

10-15% of Advertising cost 

6 Months

23,400 Baht
(Avg 3,900 Baht/Month)

34,200 Baht
(Avg 5,700 Baht/Month)

10-15% of Advertising cost 

12 Months

39,600 Baht
(Avg 3,300 Baht/Month)

60,000 Baht
(Avg 5,000 Baht/Month)

10-15% of Advertising cost

*Payment terms

  • Minimum ad cost 500 baht per day
  • 7% vat excluded

TikTok Advertising Compare Packages

Service / Advertising
cost per time

Unlimited number of campaign

Daily & Monthly Report
(Twice weeks updated)

Ads Optimization


15,000-36,000 Baht

36,001-60,000 Baht

 > 60,000 Baht