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Content Marketing Solution
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Why is "Always-on Content" important?

Communication has become the key of the digital age. Getting to know the target audience with Always-on Content is another effective strategy of communicate as it enhances the interaction between the brand and customers, draw attention and make sure that customers stay with the brand all the time (Always on).

The trend of Always-on Content In the recent days, consumers tend to ignore any advertisement or content that is unrelated and unenthusiastic to their lives. Regardless, they aims to consume online experience that makes them fun, exciting and able to quickly relate to such content. Thus, being a good storyteller and provide useful content is what makes content creators or brands to capture the heart of at least half their followers. 

How can always on content increase sales?

Nowadays, content has play a crucial role and become an important tool to boost sales as consumers tend to access or research to product information before making a purchase decision. However, it is very difficult to make a successful content as it is very essential for the content creator to have a clear understanding of customer behavior and know the facts of the market such as popular channels, content formats that affect sales and the channels to access products information before making a purchase or as known as "Customer Journey".


In this stage, the brand should be able to raise brand awareness and show customers why they choose select your product. The content in this stage should include content that makes customers aware of the problems they are having.


Once consumers realise what they need, the next thing that they will do is to find and research for a product information. In this stage, it is vital to increase the content concentration such as answering to customer questions in detailed.


Once the research of product information is completed, customers will make comparisons and determine which product is best for him. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a motivative and convinced content such as review and etc. during this stage. 


This is the final stage where customer make a decision whether to purchase the product. Content Creators should always make sure that they have included the information about sales channels to lead customers to purchase the product conveniently. 

How to create Always-on Content? 

Customer Personas or the characteristics of the target audience play a role when creating Always-on Content. In order to understand what kind of customer they are and to connect with them better, the brand should analyse them by gender, work habits, behaviour and lifestyle.The simple principle of defining Customer Personas are as follow.

Who: Who they are, such as, age, gender, education, job position, income, family address, personality and behaviour.

What: What they want, such as, goals in life or what is his/her problem?

Why: Why choose us? What fulfil and satisfy their desires? 

How: How to buy products and services? (which channels are available)

After analysing the customer personas. The analysis will be brought forward to expand the content to see what content is suitable for your customers and how to use them in accordance with the mentioned customer journeys in different stages. 

To be able to create Always-on Content, the brand should have a clear objective. Therefore, Content Pillars should be carried out in order to divide the proportion of content so that the content is diverse in both content and format. As the most important thing is to meet the objectives of reaching the target group such as Engagement Awareness etc.

The key to creating content pillars

The key to creating content pillars is to combine Social Experience with Brand Truth to create a Social Always on. Social Experience is based on the Insight information created from Customer Journey and Customer Personas. Most of the brands tend to divide Content Pillars into 5 main keys, such as


Daily quotes or messages that make people's days/night.

Good Moment

Create fun times with quizzes or various games.

Trends / Occasion

Create trends or special occasions in fun ways, including real-time content or current trends or important days that increase participation. (Engagement)

Brands & Knowledge

Content about brands and products spoken in the language of the target audience And in their view.


Present the knowledge about the use of such product to create value for the brand and make the brand become an expert that the target group give confidence and trust.


Information about campaigns, promotions, or events.

** The method of allocating Content Pillars depends on the strategy and objective of the brand. For instance, if the brand aims to focus on Brand Content, the focal point and the main proportion of the content should be about the product followed by other topics as appropriate.

After being able to understand the different types of content, the brand is capable to design many interesting contents. The main content format that is popularly used in the recent days is divided into 4 type.


Text Content

As we have seen on websites or social media, the brand will bring interesting content arranged in writing. The content must be straight forward, easy to understand, not complicated and sometimes come up with illustrations related to the content in the article.


Album Content

In the presentation of content with quite a great deal of information or content that aims the readers to see the picture. The brand can create albums, illustrations, or infographic to explain more information to make it easier to understand.


Video / Motion Graphic Content

Making video content is considered a form of content that is quite popular in the past few years. Due to customer behaviour, people tend to give interest and pay attention in video. Video storytelling or Motion Graphic will enable viewers to enjoy content that they want to communicate. Therefore, video is considered as an interesting content format yet may have a relatively high cost of preparation compared to other formats.


KOLs / Influencer

Currently, the use of KOLs / Influencer has a high influence on consumers as influencer can persuade and build brand credibility. Thus, this type of content become very popular as brands tend to use influencer / Video Creator as a voice for the brand. The content may be presented in the form of knowledge of the brand, product reviews or creating campaigns with collaboration between influencer and the brand. By doing this, the brand will be able to stimulate sales well.

Many people may think that doing Always-On Content can be a waste of time and money. However, as mentioned above, you can see how important Always-On Content is and how it can help brands grow in many ways.

  1. Create brand awareness for the brand.
  2. Increase the opportunity to generate sales.
  3. Develop better relationships between customers and brands.
  4. Create value for brands and products.
  5. Attract attention to the target audience and lead them to continuously follow the brand.
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