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Why Chatbot and AI Chatbot are the future of marketing in digital world?

Chatbot and AI Chatbot are innovations that get more interests these days especially from marketers because chatbot can provide a good experience and 24/7 prompt answering customer which can increase sales opportunities. Applying chatbot in your business will leverage and help

Increasing customers satisfaction

83% of online shoppers need advice during the purchase decisions. Therefore, chatbot will make customers feel that they have their own product advisors to answer the questions promptly which will give a good buying experience for your customers and lead to an easier buying decisions.

Collecting customer data automatically

Collecting data will help business understand customer behaviours and offer the products that match individual needs through various channels. Moreover, all information can be used to improve your products and services to stay in the top of mind of customers.

Reducing operating cost to increase profit margin

Chatbot is one of the cheaper and faster options in customer services part. Chatbot helps answering basic and repetitive questions so business can reduce number of staff, for example, your store can reduce 3 staffs to 1 staff just to answering the complicated questions.

Increasing marketing efficiency rapidly

The survey found that the rate of opening messages from chatbot has increased fourfold comparing to opening emails. Click-open rate or clicking link rate through chat has increased tenfold which indicate that chatbot is one of an important tool for marketing nowadays.

Chatbot statistics


Of internet users purchases the products/ services from the brand that use chatbot


Of chatbot can support after sales services effectively


Of customer services cost decreases after deploying chatbot


Chatbot is the program that responsible for communicating and providing basic information, repeatedly ask in general, which do not have to rely on staff to answer so just setting workflow system to fit your business model. Moreover, chatbot has various features that can apply to fit your business.

Chatbot features That can apply with your business

1. Chatbot that can interact in chat and comments automatically

24/7 answering customer questions in comments and inbox, unlimited answer and questions form or pattern, and also working effectively with page admin. Moreover, it is able to pull the comments into inbox automatically.

2. Chatbot and store management

The function that can give the product detail in chat for your customer to select easily even when you are sleeping, chatbot can make money for you.

3. Chatbot for broadcasting

Broadcasting with chatbot is to broadcast news & updates in order to increase awareness among the target group thoroughly and also to broadcast the discounts and promotions to your followers in order to increase sales and keep existing customers.

4. Chatbot and data collection

The system can collect customer data such as new / existing customers information (name, gender, address, phone number, email) and preferences in order to offer the right products and services including marketing strategy about products and prices.

5. Chatbot and survey

Conducting survey via chatbot is another method that helps conduct survey which can be both open-ended and closed-ended questions. Moreover, the answers for the survey can be saved in a spreadsheet so that we can analyse data for marketing plan and strategy.

AI Chatbot 2 types of AI Chatbot are as follows

  1. NLP Based ChatBot 
    is an AI Chatbot that understands and learns from languages and interacts by pre-setup text which can understand sentences by words scoring.
  2. NLP Dynamic Learning 
    is a developed version which AI will collect data from the latest answer and question form for a further learning. Moreover, in the typos cases, AI will be able to learn by collecting the details which can be done by AI asking a confirmation whether AI understands it correctly or not.
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