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Creative Marketing Solution

Creative Marketing Solution
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How can creative be part of your business?

In a digital world, the behavior of media consumption of people changes every day, both in social media and society, which also means less loyalty for your brand, preferences change to satisfy each person at that moment, therefore, every brand needs to be always ready to meet the customer’s satisfaction. The different and stand out creative is an important key for your brand in a competitive digital world. Our professional team is ready to make you different and stand out with your brand uniqueness.

Work Process

The process of creating one creative includes research and deep understanding of the brand to know that brand as much as possible in order to create various works, including photos, videos, and graphic designs, using the brand strength and uniqueness to plan in order to meet brand objectives and strengthen the brand image, product, or services.


Brand Consulting

All-round online marketing consulting services, as follows:

  • Client Services / Consulting

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Services

  • Brand Health Check

Brand Strategy

Planning the strategy to meet brand objectives Research and understanding the brand especially brand positioning in order to create and define brand Personality and Brand Promise Moreover, brand creative and tone of voice must be planned for the advertising media.

  • Brand Consulting

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Personality / Prototype

  • Tone of Voice

  • Communication Strategy

Brand Design

Create and design the right brand look, feels, mood and tone of the advertising media for the best brand communication Design media including concept, graphic layout, and other production in order to draw interest under the concept.

  • Activation Idea

  • Digital Ads / Facebook / IG / Google / Line

  • Social Media

  • Website / Landing Page

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Pantip Seeding

  • Influencer Marketing

  • TVC / Online VDO Production

  • Print / Out of Home

Digital Engagement

Communicate with target audiences via various channels (touchpoint) with the techniques from our specialists This is an important part that can increase followers, engagement, brand awareness, and also be stand out to be the top of mind of your target group with helps by our specialists to get the most effective result from every advertisement.

  • Digital Ads

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • CRM Salesforce

  • Pantip Seeding

  • Influencer Marketing

Case Study

creative service


Another platform for people who are into lottery that you can buy the ones that you like while you are still on your bed after dreaming about the lottery.


To increase brand awareness and be recognized by people who are into lottery.

  • Product & Branding Content
  • How To buy Process
  • Lifestyle Content
  • Event (Game) Content

Communication Channel: Facebook, LINE

Our Ways

After doing brand analysis, we analysed the customer pain point and then used it to communicate with target audience Moreover, we used customer’s mascot in various media to make it easier to be recognized.


30% of brand awareness on Facebook has increased

1000% Amount of friends on LINE Official Account


V-Kool, a global standard automotive film, can reduce interior temperature by up to 9.6 ํC and stay clear visibility with virtually transparent film but still give you an privacy with dark window film.


Solutia Singapore (Eastman) would like to promote brand and increase product awareness of the new branding of VK10 in Thailand Creating creative ads in order to add value by analysing audience insights.

Communication Channel: Facebook, Google

Our Way

Analysing brand personality to understand V-KOOL’s brand look and feel that it should be communicated by the brand of premium and luxury and also product qualities and more with a lifestyle technique to get more interests and more brand awareness.


CPR 40% reduced cost per result

SearchIncreasing search for VK10 keyword which had never been searched on Google before the advertising

vkool creative sservice
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