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How can marketing automation be part of your business?

Customer Journey is a customer behavior theory that explains all the processes when customer buys a product same as a journey of customer. NIPA introduces the marketing automation to help you manage and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and also in the right channel automatically which help you achieve your marketing and sales goals more effective than traditional marketing.

Save staff time – the secret to save time

In the digital age, the substitution of system or software for human labor is now easier. The system has developed to be able to substitute for human repetitive tasks, for example, emails, chats, posting contents, etc., and also to reduce human errors.

Personalization – customizing contents to fit each target group

Each customer has their preferences therefore, the same content should not be delivered to all customers. The personalized email with a specific name, text, or time, which can be delivered by Marketing automation, can get more attention from customers.

Consistency – delivering the consistent customer experience

Selling products and building a strong relationship need time and we do not have enough time to build 1:1 relationship with every customer which can make a good impression for your customers. therefore, marketing automation is a key to build a consistent and strong relationship with your customers by delivering the right content to the right people at the right time automatically. 

Optimization – testing and developing for the effectiveness

Marketing automation needs testing and developing regularly which can be useful to do the A/B testing in order to inspect and design the right conditions for the system, for example, we can test the effectiveness of the email by doing A/B testing and checking the lists of customer’s interests from the actions such as opening, clicking which these data can be used to do advertising on other channels and to close the deal via SMS and mobile phone.

Help solopreneur – can be helpful for a solopreneur

In the beginning, some business owners may not have enough cash flow to hire the marketing team. Marketing automation can help get more leads or people who have interests consistently with only a installation which can help owners manage time and business effectively.

A better statistics with Marketing Automation


Increase in Conversion Rate


More Sales ready leads from Lead Nurturing Campaigns


Increase in sales revenue


Increase in marketing effectiveness

5 steps of creating Marketing Automation Map

Setting your business objectives

Setting your business objectives is important because it will define the process plan to create marketing automation map

Definding Touchpoint

Researching customer behaviour and journey of your target group to define the touchpoint

Analysing target group pain point 

Analysing pain point of target group in order to communicate with the right audiences.

Designing Marketing Automation Map

Designing marketing automation map to fit the touch point of target audience with the right content.


Defining the indicators in accordance with the objectives of marketing automation map for effective measurement and the best solutions 

Connect with target audience on Digital Platform Touchpoint

Website Strategy

Convert visitors to leads with attractive website which supports collecting lead data to proceed marketing automation

Email Marketing

Update latest news directly and thoroughly to target group

Search Marketing

SEO and SEM are advertising to support your target audience 24/7

Online Advertising

Increase awareness, expand the customer base, reach your target group with proactive methods


Do Advertising consistently to your target group based on the latest action

Insightful ROI Reporting

With NIPA, marketing automation can measure in various ways to analyse and allocate budgets and cost per result effectively in each channel.

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