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Twitter Advertising

Create ads that reach the target audience, Millennials through an up-to-date, fast and responsive platform.

Why does the brand take a role on Twitter?

Because Twitter allows users to quickly re-tweet or forward information which is a good opportunity for the brand to able to persuade consumer decision making.

Opportunities is here

55% per day
Twitter users
Nipa Digital Marketing Rectangle
83% of users
buy products online
Nipa Digital Marketing Rectangle
52% of users
search for brands on Social media
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Make it happen

01 Twitter Analytic 

Keep track of the situation that are important to the brand as well as collect users' interest and behaviour to create advertising strategies.

02 A/B Testing 

Create ads in different formats to compare and find the most effective one.

03 KPI & Report

Determine and measure of advertising performance through the report and statistics 24/7 .

Two different kinds of Twitter advertising



Increase brand recognition by reaching large audiences.

App Re-engagement

Re-engage and follow-up to target groups that have entered the brand's application.


Video Views (Play-Roll)

Make a video ad of approximately 6-7 seconds to insert it on another video that the user is watching.

Promote video view

Suitable for brands that already have video and aims to promote more people to come and watch it. The video length should not more than 2.20 minutes.


Make advertisements for target groups to click on the brand's Application installation page.

Website Click

Ads will be displayed on people who are likely to visit the brand's website.


In order to engage the target audience with the brand.


To increase the number of followers on the Twitter account.
Twitter Advertising Packages
Brands come to Twitter to be what people are talking about right now.
Value Package
Advertising Cost
Management Fee
1 Photo
Target audience analysis
Get Quotation
Super Value Package
Advertising Cost
Management Fee
1 Photo
Target audience analysis
A/B Testing
Get Quotation
Super Save Package
Advertising Cost
30,000 บาท
Management Fee
12,000 บาท
2 Photos
Target audience analysis
A/B Testing
Set up Twitter Analytics
Conversion Tracking
Get Quotation

*Payment terms

  • Minimum charge 400 baht per day
  • 7% vat excluded