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Google Advertising

Getting more opportunities to close deals with google first page ranking The more traffic on your website, the more opportunities you can close more deals.



of Thais searches for more information before making purchasing decision


of Thais searches for the new brands


of human brain processing with pictures

How to achieve your goals

วางแพลนลงโฆษณา Google (Adwords)

1. Strategic Planning

analyzing strategy and planning for advertising on google in each function to fit your target audiences and objectives

หา keyword ลงโฆษณา Google (Adwords)

2. Keywords Analysis

defining the suitable keywords for your business with special program to choose the right target audiences and gain more traffic on your website with the potential visitors

ติดตามผลลงโฆษณา Google (Adwords)

3. Intelligent Installation

installing analytics tools for more insights for example Tagging, Codes, Analytic, and Conversion Tracking

optimize โฆษณา Google (Adwords)

4. Expert Optimization

checking statistics and ads performance for the best result, alongside with reporting

Which type of ads suits your business

1. Google Search 

Ads on search engine to let users see your website on google first-page ranking using selecting keywords without doing SEO

2. Google Display Network 

Ads display on specific networks and google partners for example websites videos and Gmail which able to do various types of ads e.g. images, videos, messages, or even images which people can interact.

3. Video ads on YouTube 

popular website under google company that full of videos which focus on video ads but also do image or text ads.

4. Universal Campaign 

Ads that help promote your application to increase the number of installations by distributing ads to various google networks and audiences can install your application once they see the ads.

5. Shopping Ads 

Ads that promote your online or local store display as product lists which consist of product picture, name, pricing, and website. This ads will display once your audiences search keywords on google or youtube.

Get Start Your Plan

Google advertising Packages

Defining the suitable keywords with special program to increase quality target audience.

Advertising cost per month

15,000 – 36,000 Baht 

36,001 – 60,000 Baht 

Over 60,000 Baht 

Management Fee

1 Month

4,500 Baht 

6,900 Baht 

10-15% of Advertising cost 

3 Months

12,600 Baht
(Avg 4,200 Baht/Month)

18,000 Baht
(Avg 6,000 Baht/Month)

10-15% of Advertising cost 

6 Months

23,400 Baht
(Avg 3,900 Baht/Month)

33,000 Baht
(Avg 5,500 Baht/Month)

10-15% of Advertising cost 

12 Months

39,600 Baht
(Avg 3,300 Baht/Month)

60,000 Baht
(Avg 5,000 Baht/Month)

10-15% of Advertising cost

*Payment terms

  • Minimum charge 500 baht per day
  • GDN Design 1 set (10 sizes) 2,000 baht
  • 7% vat excluded

Google Advertising Compare Packages

Advertising cost per month

Website Analysis & Suggestion

Google Analytics Setting

Retargeting Ads

Ads Optimization

Ads Analysis

Daily & Monthly Report


15,000-36,000 Baht

36,001-60,000 Baht

> 60,000 Baht