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E-commerce Solution

E-commerce Solution
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How can Online Shop help your business?

In the era where technology has been involved in most of our lives, people tend to spend more time on digital platform. For instance, instead of reading news on the traditional media such as newspaper, people tend to read news on social media. As well as, shopping, people had to go to the market or department store to buy things in the past, however, nowadays, they can choose to buy online via the mobile phone immediately. It is undeniable that connivence and time-saving the key to digital era so adjustment is very important in dealing with consumer behaviour. Therefore, online store will be emphasised.

What is an online store?

The online store means the space or platform on the Internet which the movement of the sale and purchase of the services or product can be made online through website or application. By having online store can reduce the rental cost of shop space as well as reduce the cost of staffs that have to look after the shop and arrange the products on the shelves. As, online store allows us to upload products on the website or application by ourselves along with a system to calculate product orders which means the cashier will no longer needed as customers can pay by themselves. In addition, the online store also has a variety of platforms for shoppers to enjoy including the following products.

1. E-Marketplace

It is certain that in this digital era, E-Marketplace like Shopee, Lazada and JD Central are in high demand among online sellers and online shoppers. These platforms enables the online sellers to make a substantial income from having a store on these apps. As, E-Marketplace frequently set up the special campaign on the weekly or monthly basis that allows the online seller to provide promotions such as reducing the price of the product to attract the customers. For instance, online shoppers are looking forward to spending money on the campaign date such as 11th, 11th month which also known as the event sale date. This event is beneficial for both online sellers and online shoppers.

2. Social Commerce

It is undeniable that people are still interested in buying products or services online via Facebook, LINE, IG. These behaviours of customers are still considered as their everyday routine. Therefore, many platforms develop their Social Commerce system in order to satisfy customers' needs and provide the most convenient use for their customers. 

For instance, the common problem of selling products or services on Facebook page is the old post are being pushed or covered by the new posts. Thus, Facebook developed “Facebook Shop” feature in order to solve this problem by allowing customers to see all products within one page which including a definite price. In addition, it also enables the online shoppers to send an inbox or talk about the product directly to the seller through messenger, making it easier for online shoppers to access the product.

LINE My Shop is another great example of creating a product catalog on LINE OA . This system provides calculating orders system, payments channel and delivery methods. Moreover, it allows the online shoppers to chat with the admin directly and immediately. Thus, LINE My Shop is a solution for online sellers who seek to provide one-stop service for their customers as the process and functionalities in this app work similarly to E-Marketplace.

As you can see, LINE OA and Facebook Shop Section allow you to sell your products conveniently. If you are interested but doesn't know how to get started, NIPA offers a special package that will make your life on Social Commerce a lot easier. We provide the specialists from Facebook Partner, LINE Agency Partner who will give you advices and assist you with all inquiries regarding on Social Commerce. 

3. E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the fundamental point that changes the behavior of consumers to make an online purchase. In the past, people had to travel to the mall, add products to cart and pay at the cashier. However, nowadays, E-Commerce acts exactly like mall but through online channel. It also allows customers to select, add products to cart and can make a payment. The only difference between offline and online store is the back-office system as online platform provides the calculation and delivery system. E-Commerce has 2 forms as follows:

3.1 Website

To illustrate, E-Commerce on website is like moving products on the shelf and sell on the website. This allows customers to select, add to cart and make a payment by themselves. E-Commerce on website also available to customer to shop anywhere and anytime and it allows customers to update news or promotions of such product in real time via website.

3.2 Landing Page

If your store has new products and you are specifically focused on selling them, Landing Pages is an alternative channel for clear and simple because the landing page has only one product page. Therefore, landing page helps to stimulate buying decisions better than a website because customers can access the content of the product and make a purchase quickly.

Offline channels might not be enough for business in a highly competitive market as we are living in an era where time-saving and convenience are the key in accessing products. Every business should have a good online store and back-office management system on various platforms mentioned above. Order management systems and stock updates system would facilitate businesses in term of saving time and reducing costs and expenses. Thus, having a good management system will make your business profitable on both online and offline channels. 

How to make an online store interesting?

Only posting products on E-Commerce website might not be enough. Always take into account that a good website must be able to attract customers from the Search Engine without spending any money. This requires SEO techniques to create traffic leading people to visit the website. When customer search for a particular product or service, SEO enable your website to stay on top page and creating more chance to generate sales than competitors searching for products on Google, SEO enables the website to stay on top page and making it more likely to generate sales than other competitors. If you're interested on how to to get a top Google ranking for your business. See more info

Online shop management system (Back-office) 

It is obvious that from all of the above mentioned platforms, each of them has advantages in term of helping your business run quickly but at the same time if you also have store in every kind of E-Commerce channels it may also increase the complexity of management. For example, managing orders with multiple channels may cause and lead to the error and incorrect in stock updates. Therefore, NIPA offers a tool to support the back-office data management system in order to make it more convenient and more accurate to manage the online store. The details of this are as follows.

  • Order Integration System

    This system allows you to retrieve orders from the E-Commerce Platform, including the ability of automatically retrieve orders from the Marketplace via the API regardless of the order from any channels. Every order will be sent to the back-office system and the notifications will also be sent to you so you do not have to waste your time on checking orders on each channel one by one. 

  • New Product Posting System / Product Stock Update

    This system allows the business to post new products and update stock from the back-office in one place without having to post or update stock on every Platform. This reduces problems of incorrect stock updates, stock missing as well as save more time as the business will no longer have to repeatedly post new product or update stock in every channels.

  • Delivery Tracking Number

    The Barcode Tracking Number scanning system will facilitate the business that has to prepare large quantities of products for delivery. This system enables the business to save time on writing customers details on each packaging as this system allows the business to print the details of customers according to the type of logistic company, such as Thailand Post, Kerry Express and etc.

  • Report

    The report system demonstrates the data regarding on products, sales, product categories, sales channels through the back-office system. The data can be exported in the form of reports, graphs as well as Excel files for users to further analyse their business.

  • Customer Information

    This system facilitates the business to store customer information that orders from every channel in order to do the Remarketing advertisements with the same group of people.

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